"The role of art for me is the visualization of attitude,
of the human attitude towards life, towards the world."


-Josef Albers

Our Work:

K.Co is a strategy and programming consultancy focusing on the arts and cultural tourism; an art experience planning company and an art engagement program advisory that connects art lovers to artwork, experiences and spaces they love. We are also a trusted hospitality, tourism and concierge industry resource, and a creative partner, consulting on and providing tools to connect travelers to local art and facilitating premium experiences for valued guests.

We are a little different from traditional art advisories, consultancies and concierges, and that's what makes us special. We use our vast network, trusted industry resources and customer experience expertise to take often-overwhelming, sometimes intimidating information and shape it into comfortable, personalized art experiences that resonate for visitors on vacation, or locals on stay-cation.


Our art travel and discovery services range from custom itineraries facilitated online to immersive, highly-customized tours for events and conferences, along with arts engagement and programmatic consulting.  We work on retainer, by project, or can craft a multi-month campaign that positions your brand as an arts leader and community partner.

We also operate a store where consumers can join the art adventure through downloadable interactive travel guides, custom itineraries and more.

Our People:

Stephanie Khattak, Founder

Stephanie Khattak has been art-adventuring since 1999, when she wrote about arts, culture and travel for the Austin American-Statesman. She was a longtime contributor to the Dallas Observer, a frequent freelance arts journalist and copywriter, and a digital marketer managing programs and partnerships before declaring herself an "Art-trepreneur" and founding K.Co in 2016. She loves connecting people with art that moves them, experiences that may change their perspectives, and other art lovers that encourage and inspire.

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James Khattak, K.Co Photo

K.Co Photo at Khattak Studios is lead by James Khattak, an experienced event, destination and narrative photographer available to shoot exhibitions, studios, artist, art and studio marketing imagery and more.

Contact him here to connect or collaborate.

Team K.Co

Our team is small, which gives us the ability to dive deep and fully customize our engagements, and also means that we move quickly. Additionally, when you work with K.Co, you work directly with Stephanie, meaning quicker decisions with less red tape, and direct access to all the information and resources in K.Co's network and expertise. Finally, because we are small, we take on limited client engagements, meaning more availability and our full attention on your project.

Our relationships with trusted industry experts and other vendors allows us to scale and adapt to accommodate engagements of many sizes.

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Partners in Art:

I See Dallas Tour Company Logo


"I've been to Austin a million times but just discovered this treasure (The Contemporary Austin - Laguna Gloria)  today. Thanks, K.Co for sharing this beautiful place."
- Marketing Director, Knoxville, Tenn.; 

Executive Arts Entertainment Client

We Are...

An art-centered cultural tourism consultancy that works primarily with hotels, travel and destination management companies and corporate services to connect visitors with local art communities and establish their brands as savvy, interesting and engaged arts partners.

We Believe...

That art can transform and unite us.

In the value of investing time and resources into local art communities.

In the strength of diverse voices, perspectives, thoughts and experiences.

In transparency, collaboration and curiosity.

That it's a privilege to work in the arts and champion others who do.


We believe that art is everywhere, and for everyone.

We believe that we are all better together.

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Currently accepting projects in Dallas, TX and elsewhere.

E-mail: hello@kcoarts.com



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